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Beginner Throwing Class

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Ages 10 and up

In this hands on class, you will learn the basics of making pottery on the throwing wheel. You will learn how to make cylinders/cups, which are quintessential to making every other form on the wheel. Pottery is a time sensitive endeavor and takes much time from inception to completion. Due to this aspect of this art form, the students (You) will only be taking part in the throwing portion on the wheel. [The reason for this is also due to the lack of permanence in the location I am teaching out of.] You will be able to pick which glaze you would like your piece to have, I will glaze it for you, and you will be contacted about a pick up date for your completed piece! This pick up date will be 2-3 weeks after your class. [The reason for this long wait time is due to the drying process that needs to take place. If pottery dries too quickly it has a high tendency to warp and crack, rendering the pieces unusable. It also has to do with the demand of other pieces being made as well.]

I truly look forward to teaching you the joys that come with making pottery!